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Year 12

Year 12 students should be engaging with the next steps by researching and by looking at the following programmes and taster sessions.

To help you decide which course you would like to study at University, or if you are considering your future career path, there are many talks and taster days which take place throughout the year. 

Attending such talks or events during Year 12 or at the beginning of Year 13 may also prove helpful when writing your personal statement.

Please find below a selection of websites where you can find details of talks, taster days and other careers information. 

Often it is helpful to sign up to receive email alerts of new events (please see disclaimer below*). 

University of London Taster Course Programme  - A very broad range of courses available to give Year 12 a taste of university   https://london.ac.uk/ways-study/study-campus-london/university-taster-courses.

Sutton Trust Summer Schools  - Various subject specific summer schools at leading universities - https://summerschools.suttontrust.com/

UCL Opportunities (linked in the Google Classroom) -  Students can apply now for our next Year 12 Masterclass series and our 2018 Summer Challenge. We are also running a wide range of Residential and Non-Residential Summer Schools for Year 12 students in subjects from the Ancient World to Space Science.



Useful links






Russell Group Universities

Oxford www.ox.ac.uk

Cambridge www.cam.ac.uk

LSE www.lse.ac.uk

Kings College www.kings.ac.uk

UCL www.ucl.ac.uk

Imperial www.imperial.ac.uk

Queen Mary University of London www.qmul.ac.uk

Southampton www.southampton.ac.uk

Liverpool www.liverpool.ac.uk

Manchester www.manchester.ac.uk

Leeds www.leeds.ac.uk

Edinburgh www.edinburgh.ac.uk

Glasgow www.glasgow.ac.uk

Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk

Birmingham www.birmingham.ac.uk

Warwick www.warwick.ac.uk

Cardiff www.cardiff.ac.uk

Bristol www.bristol.ac.uk

Durham www.durham.ac.uk

Exeter www.exeter.ac.uk

Sheffield www.sheffield.ac.uk

Queens Belfast www.qub.ac.uk

York www.york.ac.uk



Apprenticeships with the Civil Service – https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/civil-service-fast-track-apprenticeship

TFL Apprenticeships - https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/careers/apprenticeships


Courses you can apply for:-

1 .

Oxford University UNIQ Programme www.uniq.ox.uk 

2 .

Social Mobility Foundation Aspiring Professionals Programme


University of London Taster Course Programme - https://london.ac.uk/ways-study/study-campus-london/university-taster-courses

4.  Sutton Trust Summer Schools - https://summerschools.suttontrust.com/

Events at Queen Mary University of London for Year 12 Students - http://www.qmul.ac.uk/undergraduate/teachers/wp/post-gcse/


UCL events for Year 12 Students - http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/widening-participation/activities


LSE Choice - http://www.lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Undergraduate/widening-participation/Sixth-form-college/lse-choice-years-12-13?from_serp=1

For a more comprehensive list of opportunities for Year 12 to engage with as well as, university league tables, open days, personal statement writing guidance and MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) students and parents should be making use of the Google Classroom Higher Education Room which has lots more links than are listed here.

Parents will receive an e-mail inviting them in to the Google Classroom once the students have joined so check your mailboxes and click on the link in the e-mail. If you haven’t received an e-mail either the student has yet to join or we have the wrong e-mail for you. Once parents have clicked the link in the e-mail you can see the full list of opportunities available.

For students the class code which they will need to join the class is tt73x3d. NB Students must log in using their school based google elearning account or this will not work.



(* Whilst we will generally only share information from organisations we have found to provide useful opportunities for our students, we are not recommending or endorsing any of the events/activities so advertised and students are advised to check the terms and conditions of any site they sign up to.