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Wanstead High School

WHS Celebrates A Level and GCSE success

Wanstead High School is celebrating very strong overall performance at both A level and GCSE. After a lot of hard work by students and staff especially in the past few months after lock-down ended. We are really pleased with the grades achieved and we can be confident therefore that these results are a fair reflection of the work that the students put in over the 2 years of their courses, and more.

GCE A level

This has been a very strong set of results:

Total grades across all subjects

A*-A grades: 36%

A*-B grades: 67%

A*-C grades: 86%

A*-D grades: 97%

A*-E grades: 99%

Students achieving AAB in facilitating subjects: 25%

Average grade: B

University progression:

Over 90% of students who signed up to UCAS now have a university choice. The very larger majority of these (over three quarters) have got their first choice.

43% have places at a Russell Group university, including one student who will be studying Biology at Oxford University. 


Overall the headline figures are very similar to our record breaking year of 2019 (the last time students sat exams and results were published). These are again, very strong results:

Level 4+ in English and Maths: 83%

Level 5+ in English and Maths: 64%

Level 4+ in 2 Sciences: 69%

Estimated Attainment 8 score: 55

Estimated Progress 8 score: 0.43

Grade breakdowns (across all subjects:

9 to 8: 21%

9 to 7: 35%

9 to 5: 66%

9 to 4: 82%


Congratulations to all our students and staff for all the very hard work that went into achieving these amazing results.