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Rehearsals for Hamlet
Daily rehearsals for Hamlet start from Wednesday 19th September 2018.


The nights of the performances will be:

Wednesday 21st November 2018
Thursday 22nd November 2018
Friday 23rd November 2018


Dear Parent/Carer

The audition period for Hamlet has been record breaking for Wanstead, 166 students have auditioned for acting or backstage roles and Dance auditions take place on Wednesday next week in the Dance Studio at lunchtime.  This is a very exciting project and we would be grateful if you could read the following information to help with any questions you might have.

We start the daily rehearsals for Hamlet on Wednesday 19th September:

Students in the chorus will need to come one day a week for most of the rehearsal period.  This will be on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  When we get closer to the performances there will be more rehearsals on other days. 

The full rehearsal schedule is put in the notice area outside the Theatre every Friday for all cast members to check for the week ahead.

Chorus rehearsals will generally start at 3.30pm for an hour or less.  The rehearsals for other roles will take place between 3.30pm and 5.30pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Friday rehearsals will generally finish by 4.30pm.

It is very important that students know their cues and lines for each rehearsal as scripts are not allowed onstage at any point during the rehearsal process.

Shakespeare is more complicated than modern text because of the language, I will be making videos of Hamlet available for students to watch at lunchtimes to support text learning and I will also be available at lunchtimes to help students to understand the words they are speaking if they are struggling with the text.

I have cast the play for three different casts.  I will need students to be very dedicated to attending rehearsals to achieve success with the three nights.  If your son/daughter/ward is unable to attend a rehearsal, and you know about it in advance, please contact me to let me know the situation.

The nights of the performances will be:

Wednesday 21st November
Thursday 22ndh November
Friday 23rd November

I would like to thank you in advance for your support over this period and hope very much to see you at the performances to celebrate the achievements of our students