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Year 11 Trial Examinations

Trial exams for year 11 will take place in the last week of the autumn term.  These are a very important part of preparation for GCSE exams next summer, and by now, all year 11 students are expected to have started their revision in earnest. 

By preparing well for these exams, students will find it easier to revise in the summer.  These exams also give students and staff a clear indicator into how well they are doing at present and areas where they need to focus more in the coming months to achieve at or above their target grades.  Results from trial exams are also used to help predict grades for sixth form and college applications.


Year 11 Mock Exams  
Art/Fashion 13th December 2017
Year 11 Mock Exams   Starting 14th December 2017 - 20th December 2017

Year 12/13 Trial Examinations


Year 12 GSCE Re-Sit English and Maths Mock Exams
8th, 9th & 10th  January 2018


Year 13 Mock Exams

8th, 9th & 10th  January 2018

Year 13 Trial Exams January 2018All Exams in AHH unless stated otherwise

Date 8.40 Line Up
P1 and P2
13.10 Line Up
Mon 8th
January 2018
Classic Civilisation: 90mins (1 paper)
French : 150mins (Listening, Reading,Writing)
English Lit: 150mins (1 paper)
Physics: 120mins (2 papers)
Spanish: 150mins (Listening, Reading,Writing)
Economics: 120mins 1 Paper
Art Photography : 180mins (AR2)
Year 12 Maths Re-sit Paper 1 – 90mins

Further Maths: 90mins (1 paper)
History: 135mins (1 paper)
Maths: 90mins (1 paper)
Sociology: 120mins (1 Paper)
Art Fashion: 180mins (AR2)
Year 12 English Re-sit Paper 1 – 105mins

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Business: 120mins (1Paper)
Chemistry: 90mins (1 Paper)
English Combined: 120mins (1 paper)
English Literature: 150mins (1 paper)
Media: 120mins (1 Paper)
Music: 150mins (Room 38)
Psychology: 120mins (1 paper)
Music Technology: 135mins (Room 38)

Biology: 120mins (2 papers)
Drama: 70mins (1 Paper)
Health & Social: 90mins (1 paper)
Maths: 90mins (1 paper)
Politics: 90mins (1 paper)
Media: 120mins (1 Paper)
Art: 180mins (AR2)
Year 12 Maths Re-sit Paper 2 – 90mins

Wednesday 10th January 2018 13E
Geography: 105mins (1paper)
History: 135mins (1 paper)
ICT: 60mins (1 paper)
Psychology: 120mins (1 paper)
Religion & Philosophy: 180mins (1 paper)
Year 12 English Re-sit Paper 2 – 105mins

Please speak to your subject teacher if you are unsure of your option blocks.